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Dec 27 2011

that “Spark” thing

So, as promised in the last post, I wanted to explain a little about the title of my blog.  It took me a while to choose one; there are so many creative titles on Teach for Us and I wanted one to sum up me and my reasons for doing this.

Our mission at the museum where I work is to “Spark the curious minds and imaginations of children.”  During my time there, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness when this happens, what some people refer to as an “aha moment” or the moment when a kid just “gets it”.   Here we call it “The Spark” because it’s not just about that specific instant in time, but about the thirst for knowledge that spark can be coaxed into with enough tending.  I wanted to be able to look at the blog title during those tough days and remember why I’m doing this.

Plus, all the good Elvis references seemed to be taken ; )



A huge shout out to friends and family who got me teaching stuff this holiday season!  I’m so fortunate to have my mom, my friend, and my boyfriend’s mom and his brother who all work for schools!  Thanks everyone!  I have never been quite so excited about dry erase markers (and though it’s hard to tell in writing, there is not an ounce of sarcasm in that comment.)


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  1. The funny thing is, when I see “The Spark” I think of the newspaper that Lenin started in Russia to fuel the revolution!

    • lyndsie

      Lol, I hadn’t thought of that. I had something considerably less revolutionary in mind.

      But I guess you never quite know where those sparks will lead. ; )

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